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Kyoto Matcha

Kyoto Matcha

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Introducing our direct sourced Kyoto Matcha, a ceremonial grade matcha that is earthy, bright, and air-freighted directly from Japan for maximum freshness. Enjoy less astringency and more sweetness with every cup. Get your hands on this fresh matcha today!


Create a perfect cup of Kyoto Matcha with our easy brew recipe. Simply scoop 1 tsp into a bowl and add 2.5oz of hot water for a smooth and flavorful drink. Enjoy the delicious and natural benefits of matcha with every sip.


Origin: Kyoto, Japan Cultivar: Yabukita Farm type: Small lot tea farms in Uji, Kyoto Harvest date: 2022, second flush Technique : hand picked, stone milled


Made in Japan

Ingredients: Matcha

Storage: Shelf-stable

Weight: 1.06 oz (30 g)

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